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Gromor complete nutrition

Imbalanced application of fertilizers, increased deficiency levels of various nutrients and to a certain extent lack of awareness on farmers front have limited the crop productivity across the country. Coromandel International Limited has introduced a complete nutrition programme named “Gromor complete nutrition”. The programme aims at handholding the farmers in achieving higher productivity by providing crop-wise complete nutrition schedule, developed by our expert panel on the basis of crop nutrient uptake, the soil nutrient status and the target yield.

What's unique about Gromor complete nutrition?

It gives stage-wise complete nutrition schedule, developed by experts
Provides value add services to the farmers (Soil test, Petiole test)
Offers Crop advisory services

The 4R advantage of "Gromor complete nutrition" programme

As the nutrition schedules are developed scientifically, the farmers need to apply only what is required instead of blanket application, at the right time, in the right method and most importantly the right product.

Gromor complete nutrition  Programme
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